Founded by the welknown shaper Aurelio Verdi in Italy. Boards made for windsurfers, by windsurfers with the typical Italian passion and beautiful design.

Refresh Media is your partner for online success. The company develops professional websites, web shops, apps and web applications. This site was also built by Refresh Media.

Green Carbon, high performance slalom and speedfins. Founded by technicus Jorg Sonntag, a guy the typical German quality and eye for detail in mind.

For many years the best place to buy your gear, service with the typical Groningen smile and the best advise you can get here in Holland and even outside the country.

Huub en Heurman supplying simple investment products. Down to earth, real and without fuss. Always based on real estate. Fresh and modern approach to investing.

Sails for the revolution, light weight, durable and incredible performance. Founded in Australia by die hard windurfer Ben Severne, tested directly on the water.

Wetsuits, Harnesses and gear for windsurfers, kitersurfers and SUP. Original started as an Dutch brand which is now famous for it’s gear in the whole world.

Ai2 is the independent online payment platform for all companies in the horticultural sector. Arrange the payments of all your transactions in an efficient way.

Voip, Data, Mobile, Fiber Optics, Networks and ICT made to be understand by the people and work for the people. No diffecult names, just simple products that work.

We give companies (brands!) The right image. So that you impress your target group. From stickering, wrapping to signs, everything that delivers you more customers!